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Best Acne Treatment in Chennai - Acne Specialist

Are you struggling with acne, the most common skin condition that affects millions worldwide? At Mahi Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic, we understand that acne can be more than just a skin issue; it can impact your self-esteem and overall well-being. Dr. Deepika Lunawat, our esteemed dermatologist for acne in chennai, is here to provide you with a comprehensive and personalized approach to acne treatment.

Acne Treatment - Before Vs After
Acne Clinic - Before Vs After
Acne Treatment in Chennai - Before Vs After - Dr Deepika Lunawat - Mahi Skin Hair and Laser Clinic

This is a young lady with a history of PCOS. She came with Acne - grade 3.

She was started on Isotretinoin, antibiotics along with a simple skin care regime.

She was also advised dietary changes and exercise. Blue light therapy and chemical peels were done as well to achieve the desired results.

The treatment was continued for approximately 6 months. But as for her lifestyle changes she has been asked to continue to keep the hormones in check.

Understanding Acne

Acne is a complex skin condition that can affect people of all ages. It occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells, leading to the formation of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and sometimes more severe forms, like cysts and nodules. The causes of acne can vary, including hormonal changes, genetics, lifestyle factors, and certain medications.

Our Approach to Acne Treatment

At Mahi Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic, we believe in tailoring our approach to each patient's unique skin type, concerns, and goals. Our comprehensive approach to acne treatment typically includes the following steps:

1. Skin Assessment: Dr. Deepika Lunawat will conduct a thorough evaluation of your skin to determine the type and severity of your acne. This assessment is crucial in creating a personalized treatment plan.


2. Education: We believe that informed patients make the best decisions. Dr. Lunawat will explain the causes and triggers of acne and provide guidance on lifestyle and skincare routines that can help manage and prevent breakouts.


3. Topical Treatments: Depending on the type of acne, we may recommend prescription-strength topical treatments, such as creams or gels, to help unclog pores, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy skin.


4. Oral Medications: In some cases, oral medications like antibiotics or hormonal therapies may be prescribed to address the root causes of acne, especially in cases of severe or hormonal acne.


5. Advanced Procedures: For stubborn acne, we offer advanced procedures like chemical peels, blue light therapy and laser therapy to address scarring and pigmentation issues associated with acne.


6. Ongoing Support: Acne treatment is a journey, and Dr. Deepika Lunawat and her team are here to support you every step of the way. We'll schedule regular follow-up appointments to monitor your progress, make necessary adjustments, and ensure that your treatment plan remains effective.


Why Choose Mahi Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic?

  • Expert Dermatologist: Dr. Deepika Lunawat is the best dermatologist in Chennai, known for her expertise in treating acne and various skin conditions.

  • Personalized Care: We understand that each individual's skin is unique. Our treatment plans are customized to address your specific needs.

  • Advanced Technology: Mahi Skin, Hair, and Laser Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the most effective and comfortable treatments available.

  • Compassionate Care: We prioritize your comfort and well-being. Our team is committed to creating a positive, stress-free experience during your visits.


Don't let acne impact your confidence and quality of life. Contact Dr. Deepika Lunawat at Mahi Skin, Hair, and Laser Clinic today to schedule a consultation and embark on your journey to clear, healthy skin. With our personalized acne treatment, you can achieve the complexion you deserve.

FAQ's about Acne Treatment in Chennai:

Q: Is Sunscreen Important For Acne Prone Skin?

A: Yes, because it decrease the oxidative stress which triggers acne. It also helps in decreases the inflammation caused by the sun, the heat and the pollution, thereby it decreases the redness. The inflammation of the acne papules. It also prevents or decreases the post-inflammatory pigmentation left by the acne. It also helps during the treatment procedures when we are putting the patient on Isotretinoin  or topical retinoid or doing procedures like chemical peels, lasers. So, of course be consistent with your sunscreen usage even if you have an acne prone skin .

Contact Information of Acne Clinic in Chennai:

Kilpauk Branch:

Address: 18, Millers Rd, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010.

Phone: 090420 93315 


Sowcarpet Branch:

Address: 60, Mulla Sahib St, Sowcarpet, George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600079

Phone: 081220 93315


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